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Taxation affects all businesses especially those operating in multiple jurisdictions.

We are providing ‘’Tax Care’’ for both Local and International high net worth individuals / executives and companies since 1992 with great success taking always into account the needs and objectives of each one individually.

Our tax services are designed to reflect trust and certainty. We actively cooperate with our clients focusing on providing advice with potential tax savings while also aiming at managing tax risks associated with business transactions and achieving effective tax compliance.                                             

We constantly aim at providing the best possible advice in tax issues; thus employ qualified tax advisers who acquire both knowledge and experience of tax matters. Our organization constantly provides training for its employees in order to keep them up to date with the constant development of the global marketplace.

After all, our tax services aim at delivering a portfolio of services that keep up with our status; always overcoming the client’s expectations. 

Effective tax planning contributes a vital role in the business environment. Cyprus tax legislation is one of the most favorable legislation in the European Union due to low tax rates and the fact that a large number of double tax treaties with many countries are available. Organizations and individuals need to take full advantage of all available tax benefits in order to minimized the tax liability and maximize the shareholders wealth.                                            

Our organization can provide the following services:

 Corporate Tax

 Private Client Services

 Indirect Tax Services

 Social Security Services






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